Birthday Wishes for Wife

You are the dearest to me. You hold all the qualities which I want from a woman. You are my dear wife; you encouraged me at every stage. It’s your birthday and I am the happiest person on this celebration.

I don’t have words to tell you how much you are dear to me. I just want to say all the depths of my heart are for you.
Happy Birthday Darling
birthday wishes

Your birthday is as sweet as your words to us, your moments are as special as you are for us and your birthday is as important for us as our birthdays. Wish you a great birthday.

I want to thank you on this day that you filled my life with love and peace. I even can’t imagine your caring ways.
Happy Birthday My Reason To Live

birthday wishes

“Fly in the plane of ambition,
and land on the airport of success,
Luck is yours,
wish is mine
may ur future
always shine. . .

One day sky was crying.

I ask him why are you
crying today.

He told me i have lost my
beautiful start.

It was a day when you were born.

birthday wishes

On your birthday, I just want you to know that I feel blessed having a wife like you who is less of a wife and more of an angel. I love you babe. Happy Birthday, honey.

Nobody else can bring so much happiness to me just by their presence. I love you and I wish the best for you on your special day. I wish you live a thousand years and even after that, so that you can keep spreading your fragrance of love to more and more people.

birthday wishes

My favorite place on this planet is your heart and on your birthday I would like to tell you that you are the world to me. Happy Birthday.

May the days of your coming life be as bright and happy as these shining pearls of birthday are! May you have a shining life!
Happy Birthday My Lovely Wife

birthday wishes

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