Birthday Wishes for Teacher

Birthday Wishes for Teacher

What I am now, is just due to your hard work. I wish you a wonderful birthday today. Warm warm birthday wishes to you my dear teacher

You took our hand,
Touched our heart,
opened our mind …
and helped us to have a great future,
Thank you our dear and lovely teacher
for everything you have done for us.
We wish you a very happy birthday


Birthday Wishes to Teacher

From this morning you started your birthday and we prayed for you to have healthy and happy life ahead. You are our teacher and have great place in our hearts. Wish you a lovely birthday. Happy birthday to you

It’s an honor that we are joining you on your birthday, you are one of our favorite teacher in the college, we really respect and pray for you on your birthday that may you live long and have hundreds of birthdays. Happy birthday to you

U’re my luv teacher, & I’m ur student.
When I think of ur beauty, I feel speechless like a baby.
So I don’t learn my lessons.
U think me careless, not seeking success.
I simply stare at ur face, & dream.
Bt I’m sure I’ll pass, bcoz “I Luv U.”

This is a birthday of my benevolent teacher; I wish you a happy blissful birthday. Have a great time. Happy returns of the day

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